Q How do I know which events you'll be attending? 

A We have an updated listing of events we'll be attending on our homepage. If you have a question about an event not listed yet, please contact us.


Q Our team hosts an event, how do you we get you to attend? 

A Send us an email with the event specifics and we'll be in touch! 


Q I ordered the wrong size, what do I do?

A If you have placed an order and have received a finished printed item unfortunately we cannot process a return or replace the item. If you pre-reserve an item at an event, we can switch the size providing we have it in stock. If we do not have your desired item on hand at an event, we can process a refund or mail the item to you. 


Q How does this work?

A For every item purchased, you get up to 5 designs included in the price, to be printed anywhere on the item (Permitting it will fit). One of your design choices can be your name or other custom text. 

Q Do you offer team discounts?

A Yes! We offer discounts on orders over ten items. Please contact us for further details. 


Q Where do you ship to?

A We regularly ship across North America. If you are outside North America please contact us for a direct shipping quote. 


Q How will you ship my order? 

A Orders will ship via UPS